Peru – Maribel Herrera Natural

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Country: Peru
Region: Huabal, Cajamarca
Precessing station: Falcon coffees Peru Warehouse
Altitude: 1650 – 1700m.a.s.l.
Varietal: Catuai
Processing: dry
Taste: mirabelle plums, caramelized apple and mandarin acidity

Our next coffee from Peru this year is a dry-processed fruit bomb from the Huabal region. You can look forward to sweet, thick fruit tones and a strong aroma of overripe fruit.
Peru is becoming our favorite coffee region due to its improving quality. Every year we find coffees with simpler clean, chocolate-caramel profiles suitable for espresso, as well as fruit bombs such as Maribel’s coffees.


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Maribel lives and grows her coffee above the village of San Antonio in the Huabal region. On two hectares we can find varieties of caturra and yellow catuai. She processes all its production by the dry method. In the past, she also tried washed and honey processing, but the taste results were not very satisfactory, so Maribel decided to stay only with the so-called “natural”.
Huabal is a micro-region in Cajamarca around the city of Jaen. It is a region where several hills form several valleys with different microclimates. Here you will find tropical, moist areas with red soil like in Africa, but also dry and hot almost desert-like nooks. Thanks to this diversity, Huabal is an ideal place for growing coffee of various flavor profiles.


Maribel collects all her coffee by hand. Our lot #2 (lot – part of the harvest) grows at altitudes above 1650 – 1700 m.n.m. This high altitude, colder climate, and longer maturation naturally give the coffee a fruity taste profile. However, this is further enhanced by the dry processing method.
After harvesting, the cherries are cleaned of dust and dried on so-called patios (terraces) for 25 days. Thanks to the drying of the coffee in the skin, together with all the juices and sugars, Maribel’s coffees are always aromatically beautiful, full of the notes of overripe tropical fruit with pronounced but pleasant acidity.


Catuai is a hybrid of two varieties – Caturra and Mundo Novo. Small stature combined with high yields is the reason why it is so popular among farmers. It originally occurred in Brazil, from where it spread throughout Latin America in the 1970s.
Unfortunately, like many other coffee trees, Catuai is very susceptible to various diseases.

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