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Your order is always scheduled for the closests roasting day, we always roast to order, so the coffee is always fresh. The coffee is shipped as whole beans only, we don´t do pre-ground coffee. We are roasting from Monday to Thursday, orders are closing at midnight. Orders are roasted, packed and shipped the same day. We work with several couriers within Europe, the table below specify the conditions for each country. If you want to order from somewhere else please send us an email to to arrange details.

courier flat rate free shipping available from
Belgium Belgian post 5 euro 3 bags
Bulgaria Speedy 4 euro 2 bags
Denmark Post Nord 5 euro 3 bags
Germany PPL/DHL 5 euro 3 bags
Estonia Omniva 5 euro 3 bags
Ireland Fastway 6 euro 4 bags
Greece ACS 5 euro 3 bags
Spain Correos 5 euro 3 bags
France Collisimo 5 euro 3 bags
Croatia DPD 4 euro 2 bags
Italy GLS 5 euro 3 bags
Latvia Omniva 5 euro 3 bags
Lithuania Omniva 4 euro 2 bags
Hungary DPD 4 euro 2 bags
Netherlands DHL 5 euro 3 bags
Austria DPD 4 euro 2 bags
Poland Inpost 4 euro 2 bags
Portugal MRW 5 euro 3 bags
Romania DPD 4 euro 2 bags
Slovenia DPD 4 euro 2 bags
Slovakia PPL 4 euro 2 bags
Finland Post Nord 9,8 euro 5 bags
Sweden Post Nord 9,8 euro 4 bags
Ukraine Meest 4 euro 2 bags